Notes from Lectures in Signals and Systems (S&S)

In these notes the main concepts, properties and methods of signals and systems are described. The notes are short but contain all necessary information for these classes. Two sets of lectures for classes SS-I and SS-II will be posted in this page, as well as many examples; homeworks and MATLAB-based projects will be added later.
Art Grigoryan / February 14, 2011.

14 Lectures: Part I / Signals and Signals I: (Art_lecturesinSS-I.pdf will be added soon)

May 1, 2012
Lecture IV (z-transform): (lectureXIV_Z1.pdf)
Download the wave signal for project 2 (mike.wav)

10 Lectures: Part II / Signals and Signals II: (Art_lecturesinSS-II.pdf -1,7KB )

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